It was third time lucky after filming was postponed from Wednesday to Thursday and then to Friday. Insects were to the fore in The Knoll National Park and little else, due to a strong, cool wind brought about by a change in the weather. First there were 3 moths on a leaf, two of them mating and oblivious to the effects of the breeze. Dan found a small insect with a greater ratio of body length to antennae length than any I recall filming. I ended up with surreal shots of disembodied antennae waving in vegetation. Amanda found a Net-casting Spider at a good angle for filming. The wind blew the net in and out of focus. Anxious to show Amanda one of our famous male Harvestmen we searched every inch of their rocky habitat to no avail. We did see a less spectacular female on the move and I filmed a Harvestman new to us which Dan found in our search. This was a fitting conclusion to our 90th night shoot of the series.