biodiversity - Tamborine Mountain rainforest


A video artwork documenting the exceptional biodiversity of Tamborine Mountain. Amid subtropical rainforest in South East Queensland Australia, a thriving community lives cheek by jowl with a species-rich flora and fauna whose sustainability is threatened by population growth and global warming.

Artist Peter Kuttner lives in Eagle Heights on Tamborine Mountain. He has been filming its natural life since 1998. He is creating a video archive for posterity. He began his archive because he feared for the future of the mountain’s biodiversity. His fear has now given way to a feeling that biodiversity is something to celebrate, that being concerned for its health is no reason not to celebrate the earth’s sublime and unfathomable biodiversity because we are more likely to serve it better if we delight in it.

The published Archive is on DVD and the master tapes are kept at Australia’s National Film and Sound Archive. There is an ongoing project to publish selections from the many hours of filming. The unedited footage is in the Heritage Collection of the State Library of Queensland.

The website’s main function is to be informative, educational, to spread the word about what is at stake on Tamborine Mountain and by extension, all over the planet.




“I came to realise that biodiversity is a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week proposition so the record now includes many hours of footage devoted to the wholly different world of the rainforest at night.”